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    "We are very happy with Entechserv because they provide excellent service in both fixing issues that arise and guidance on new products."

    David Weber Oil Company

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    "As the owner of Kastel Renaissance Interiors, Inc. and Kastel Kitchen Gallery, LLC, I have been using Enterprise Technology Services, LLC for more than a few years now. Their professional approach to any problem we have faced has been outstanding! In addition to great service their response to our service requests have always been on time and fast. Finding problems, analyzing them and having solutions that would meet our goals and to be able to fit them into the budget are just a few of many reasons why I will continue to use them and will strongly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about running a business. They are a serious solution for the serious problems that small business owners like myself face every day."

    Kastel Interiors

    Orange Fish


    "We are particularly happy to have found technical service that has such high standards of knowledge and communication. Rich and I feel that we are giving a gift to our customers by recommending them."

    PDG Consultants

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    “EnTechServ is a MUST for any small to mid-sized business. The amount of technology required to run a business today is absolutely remarkable. If any piece of the technology puzzle stops functioning, your entire business stops working." “After many such interruptions, I hired Enterprise Technology Services. I found their staff extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to any issue I had. They have been able to look at my business as a whole and have brought a much broader integrated solution to my overall technology needs. It feels like now I have my own “IT Department” but at the fraction of the cost of actually employing such knowledge within my organization. Since hiring EnTechServ, my business is running much faster and smoother. I highly recommend EnTechServ to other business owners.”

    DirectPay USA

    Red Coral


    “Enterprise Technolgy Services was referred to our firm by a dexterous techy and, as such, came highly regarded. Within weeks it was unequivocally clear that they too were dexterous but even more so than we had expected – they are technological Jedi’s. “With such pleasant service, attention to detail and an ability to integrate and execute seamlessly, EntecServ is our vendor of choice for the future. Thank you, EnTechServ.”

    Acceleration Capital Group

    Coral Reef


    I am writing to express my deep appreciation for Dan's superlative level of responsiveness to our needs on a very off-hour time frame. None other than a Sunday night about 9:00 PM. Our companys' server went down, its' alarm went off, and had no idea what to do. After shutting off and rebooting to no avail. we were looking at a very dismal monday morning, with staff arriving and no way to be productive!! We felt we had nothing to lose. So we called Entechserv and to our great shock and relief Dan picked up the phone!! Not only did he pickup, he came over to personally see what was going on! Imagine a doctor visit at 9:30 PL Sun nite! Dan determined that our server had overheated, and he took appropriate measures to restore it to funcitionality. Additionally, he has helped our company migrate to the clouds as a way of avoiding the expense of purchasing another server at this time. Entechserv is truly an IT partner to us, looking only to produce results, not the clock!

    Tyga Box

    Coral Reef


    "I called and got a courteous, live person on the line. The tech walked me through what to do and my problem was handled within minutes. That's exactly the kind of service I need, and EnTechServ delivers."

    Clear Images Designs Inc.

    Coral Reef


IT Support NY NJ: EnTechServ will rapidly maintain or fix your computer server networks.

No hype, no selling. We will come to your office and check your server health and your IT support needs. If you want an honest assessment of your business server, of how much server support you will need, of what it will take to get and keep your computer server network running efficiently, call or email us. We promise we won’t spam you, harass you, or intimidate you with our superior knowledge. What Entechserv will do is give honest, economical service, with fast response time and fast resolution time. We are our client’s IT Support Department for New York and New Jersey, and do everything you would expect from if you had a fully-staffed IT department functioning in your business.

Forget the expensive IT support services contract. Entechserv charges for blocks of support hours and we bill ½-time for remote support and full-time for onsite support. No contracts. No exit clause.

Our Mission Statement: [Why do we exist.]

Enterprise Technology Services LLC is a family-owned LLC, registered in New Jersey. We formed our company in order to share large-enterprise resources with small businesses, giving SMB owners access to services they would otherwise not be able to afford. High-level support techs, secure email, top-of-the-line monitoring and anti-malware programs are just a few of the offerings at small business prices.

We put this in place because, individually and as a family, we have rescued many small business owners from ruin caused by unethical computer consultants or companies who preyed on the SMB owners’ lack of tech knowledge or lack of time to research the area for themselves.

Our Philosophy: Speed.

Our clients all want high-speed (fill in the blank). Fast response to their problems and fast resolution. Fast computers and fast servers. We have built special procedures to insure you get what you want. A ticket system monitored by our executives to insure tickets are answered fast. Trained techs (we have our own training programs).

Our Purpose: To set the standard for ethical IT.

As a group, we take pride in our service. Our corporate culture revolves around how well we help our clients and how fast they get that help. Our top executives set the standards by never ignoring a ticket and by filling in to insure no client is left waiting. We have a special customer service department that insures complaints are handled to the client’s best advantage and is well taken care of.

You hire us because you need an expert in a field that you don’t know much about, nor have the time to learn. We will give you honest answers and care about your business as if we were a part of it. We take the trust that you place in us very seriously and devote all of our efforts toward maintaining our relationship.


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PC & Server Monitoring (Vipre Anti-Malware)
SMB Hardware Maintenance & Support
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